Below, you will find the 2019 Entrepreneur Academy line-up. Stay tuned for the 2020 line-up.

Sunday, July 28th | 9:00am – 5:45pm


  • PBA Member Price: $575
    Package includes seven entrepreneurial academy classes, lunch & one 3-day CPNA ticket
  • Regular Price: $775
    Package includes seven entrepreneurial academy classes, lunch & one 3-day CPNA ticket

Entrepreneur Academy may be purchased as a package or individually.

This unique, one-day intensive conference was created to provide beauty entrepreneurs with a hands-on practical workshop that will provide them with many of the tools necessary to help them succeed. Entrepreneur Academy classes will show attendees how to turn ideas into action, build a brand, and manage financials and more. Each 70-minute class features an interactive lecture from an expert on the topic followed by an interactive Q&A session. Class descriptions and a la carte class price can be found below.

Hosted by Karen Young | CEO, The Young Group

Sunday, July 28th | 9:00am – 10:10am

Creating Great Product

  • PBA Member Price: $90
  • Regular Price: $130

Managing the Product Development process is complicated, but critical. Dealing with Formulators and Contract Manufacturers can be daunting and making decisions about ingredients, packaging, costs and product testing seems overwhelming for the uninitiated. This workshop will provide guidelines and the right questions to ask when creating your winning product. It may be the Instagrammable package drives the initial purchase but it’s the formula and performance that win the repeat purchase.

Speaker Karen Young | CEO, The Young Group

Sunday, July 28th | 10:15am – 11:25am

Brand Storytelling: How to Strengthen Loyalty

  • PBA Member Price: $90
  • Regular Price: $130

You've built a great product but what comes after? To ensure the success of your brand, it's important that the communication surrounding it is emotionally engaging. The art of storytelling is instrumental for brands looking to ground their business strategy with messaging that is memorable and financially rewarding. Using key learnings from success stories in Asia's fast-growing market, this session will explain how strategic storytelling can strengthen brand loyalty and improve profitability.

Speaker Tanguy Laurent | U.S Managing Partner and Co-founder, Creative Capital

Sunday, July 28th | 11:30am – 12:40pm

Get the Financing You Need for Startup Growth

  • PBA Member Price: $90
  • Regular Price: $130

Where can young companies go for startup capital? When is a company ready to go to a bank to borrow money? What is driving the growth in beauty business values now? Hear from two experienced investment bankers will talk about how startups should think about financing, capital-raising, selling and licensing your business and finding the right partners.

Speakers Richard Kestenbaum | Partner, Triangle Capital LLC
Andrew Shore | Managing Director, Moelis & CO

Sunday, July 28th | 12:45pm – 1:55pm

Growth by Content: Competing and Winning in a Hyper Connected World (Lunch provided for package participants only)

  • PBA Member Price: $90
  • Regular Price: $130

Learn how to stop wasting time and money on useless content. Lack of strategy, planning and guesswork leads to content that costs more money than it’s worth. Creating effective content doesn’t have to require big budgets or lengthy timelines, you just need to work smart with intention and focus. Learn how to build a high-impact scalable content strategy that compels and converts without breaking the budget.

Speaker Kelly Kovack | CEO, BeautyMatter

Sunday, July 28th | 2:00pm – 3:10pm

Navigating Amazon: Control Your Own Brand’s Destiny

  • PBA Member Price: $90
  • Regular Price: $130

Did you know that Amazon drives 30% or more of your business and you don’t even know it? You will learn how to do direct business with Amazon by removing the middleman and take full control of your brand. Taking control of your own brand will increase your margins, sales, control your inventory and best of all be in control of your brand to make Amazon part of your brand's success.

You will learn the 4-step process for being successful on Amazon and controlling your own brand’s destiny. The 4 steps are: Brand Protection, Brand Enhancement, Brand Marketing and Brand Velocity. Each step will go into detail to setup your brand for a direct successful path on Amazon.

Speakers Denny Smolinski | Beauty Industry Entrepreneur

Sunday, July 28th | 3:15pm – 4:25pm

Key Planning Strategies for Launching an Omnichannel E-commerce Storefront That Can Win Big Online

  • PBA Member Price: $90
  • Regular Price: $130

In this session, attendees will learn the fundamentals of planning and executing a successful omnichannel e-commerce website storefront. Topics that will be explored will include UI, responsive site design, technology platforms, customer service and reviews, personalization/diagnostics, search optimization, email marketing, and automation triggers, as well as, post-launch media planning and conquesting strategies.

Speaker Marilyn Simes | CEO and Founder, Digital Instincts, Inc

Sunday, July 28th | 4:30pm – 5:45pm

Reality Check of Brick and Mortar Retail

  • PBA Member Price: $90
  • Regular Price: $130

Do you have the next big brand or product in beauty? You need thick skin, tenacity, great personality, patience but most importantly A GREAT PRODUCT-BRAND-CATEGORY. If so, how will you bring that brand to life with respective retailers? With so many emerging brands how do you know a buyer will want what you are selling? It is crucial for a brand to understand the process buyers go through when selecting their assortments and determine if their brand is the right fit. How and who do you contact to ensure you are reaching the decision makers and how to ace your follow-up skills.

Speaker Paula Scandone | Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, The Bella Strategy Group