Tones of Beauty is conceptually dedicated to the evolving shades & types of beauty of the multicultural consumer. The showcase will have its own distinct premium look and customized marketing program. To ensure only the most innovative products at the event, we will be curating with love, Aunt Bonnie with each product being carefully selected by its founder Mr. Corey Huggins.



The leading french brand for hair care with more than 40 years of expertize & a large range from antihairloss to curly and texturized hair.

Advanced Beauty, Inc.

Advanced Beauty, Inc. is dedicated to creating value by developing and marketing innovative products for better living in HBC and Supplements.

Ambi Enterprises LLC

Ambi® Scientifically Proven Skincare for Skin of Color. AMBI has been a trusted name in skincare for more than 50 years.

Breakups to Makeup

Breakups to Makeup launched to spread the message that makeup is more than just a product but also a form of art.

Crème de Culture

Beauty Lovers, Culture Devotees, and Experience Seekers: your R.S.V.P. is requested… Come on a curated journey, through fragrance, into the culture that thrills us. If you love to be where it’s all happening, join the Crème de Culture experience — curated and elevated but with no velvet ropes.

Curls Beauty Brands

Our mission is simple — creating amazing tresses one curl at a time, utilizing organic ingredients for women and girls embracing their natural curls.

Frederick Benjamin

Frederick Benjamin is a clinically proven, naturally infused line of products that addresses the skin and hair type of multicultural men.

Golden Grooming Co.

Golden Grooming Co. provides high quality, all natural grooming products specifically designed for black men and other men of color.

Mielle Organics

Mielle Organics is the vision of Monique Rodriquez whose passion for both health & beauty transitioned from registered nurse to beauty brand mogul.

Miracle 9

Miracle9 is a hair and skin care brand whose mission is to bring real natural ingredients to promote healthy skin and thriving hair.

Morganna’s Alchemy

Morganna’s Alchemy organic skincare, specializes in all formulations for healthy, bright looking skin.
All crafted for extraordinary beauty, ecocert and toxic free ingredients.

ORS Haircare

ORS Haircare are the makers of Brands such as ORS Olive Oil, ORS Curls Unleashed and ORS HAIRepair. Pioneers of innovation and trends.

Rucker Roots

The history of Rucker Roots runs deep as it stems from the Rucker family name and several people in the family who have contributed to the thought behind the brand. From their paternal grandfather’s garden in South Carolina, to their paternal grandmother who was a hair model in Atlanta, GA during the 1930’s.

Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Sunny Isle is dedicated to bringing authentic, high-quality, JBCO hair and skin care products to women and men of all hair types,skin types and ethnicities.