Spotlights is an exclusive initiative within the Discover Beauty program. This department store-like presentation serves as a showcase for companies that are big on creativity yet smaller in size but who are a prime fit for high-end retail stores, boutiques, salons and spas. This area serves as a great presentation of innovative labels that have a smaller range of products but deliver ingenuity and artisan craftsmanship. The intimate Spotlights section has a clean, minimal department store-like setting within an open lounge in the Discover Beauty section.

  • A personalized and curated display area with a department store-like presentation
  • Located in a prime location with a large traffic source
  • Dedicated marketing preshow programs, with preferred access to our PR and marketing team to maximize your exposure
  • Participation in goody bags distributed to trade media and VIP buyers

  • New to the US market or have a limited retail footprint
  • Financially secure to ensure distribution rollout costs
  • Sophisticated, unique, and innovative
  • Ready to launch and able to submit finished products by February 2020
  • No more than a two-time exhibitor of the area

View our 2020 Discover Beauty Spotlights Program Outline (Click Here)

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