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Tones of Beauty is conceptually dedicated to the evolving shades & types of beauty of the multicultural consumer. The showcase will have its own distinct premium look and customized marketing program. To ensure only the most innovative products at the event, we will be curating with love, Aunt Bonnie with each product being carefully selected by its founder Mr. Corey Huggins.


BRWN Beauty

BRWN beauty products is a family run business whose mission is to change the way that we approach skin care. We believe in self-care therefore we select the finest quality products right from nature to formulate our products. Our goal is to have a lasting impact on the beauty industry.


Ettenio is an eco-luxury range of ultra nourishing and ulta conditioning brand for skin with depth and hair with Soul. Targeted at the Multi-ethnic family, the products are handcrated from the most potent botanicals and delivers validated results. All products are free of silicones, parabens, Sulphates, petroleum and are cruelty-free.

La Belle Femme Beauty

La Belle Femme Beauty is a sophisticated collection of hair and skin care products for those who seek an experienced and knowledgeable voice in beauty. Created with thoughtfully selected, sustainable ingredients, we combine the joy of being self aware with the chic luxury of premium beauty.

Plentiful Beauty Solutions, LLC

Plentiful hair care products offer essential one-stop simple styling solutions for all the beautiful ways that women of color wear their hair – natural, processed, color or heat-treated, and even protective styling. Plentiful proprietary Avo-Vera Complex formulation promotes hair health and scalp wellness for stronger, longer, healthier hair.


Shedavi is an all-natural, holistic, and ethically sustainable hair care brand designed to CHERISH ONESELF. Infused with over 40 natural ingredients from around the world, our products focus on the health of your hair, skins, and nails.

Sienna Naturals

Sienna Naturals is a haircare company focused solely on the health of textured hair and scalp. Taking cues from skincare, we have developed a regimen approach and utilize prestige, innovative, natural ingredients such as Blue Tansy and Baobab Oils. Weekly “Wash Day Rituals” are complimented by daily maintenance products.

Sonoran Botanicals

Sonoran Botanicals thoughtfully handcrafts products to address the specific needs of people with dry hair and skin. We include occlusive ingredients to lock in moisture, ultra rich emollients to smooth and soften, and vitamins and fatty acids to provide nourishment for the hair and skin.

Thank God It’s Natural

When Harvard Law graduate and breast cancer survivor, Chris-Tia Donaldson, was unable to find products for her textured hair, she invented them; and Thank God It’s Natural was born. Our products are developed using the finest ingredients for healthy hair, skin and body, and carried in over 5,000 stores nationally.

The Lip Bar

The Lip Bar is a vegan and cruelty-free cosmetic brand that exist primarily to challenge the beauty standard through our pricing, colors and inclusive imagery.


Urban Therapy created salon inspired hair care brands with an established international foot print for all hair types and textures. Twisted Sista provides the answer for hydration, curl definition and frizz control for curls at a good value. CLEAR+NOURISH offers hair and scalp solutions for healthy, shiny hair.