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Discover new technology to differentiate you from the competition and walk away with valuable insights you can implement right away.

The area will feature the following companies:

Chowis Co., Ltd.

Chowis Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in skin and hair diagnostics through advanced optic & video imaging technology, processing technology and software development

Egg Beauty Labs

Egg Beauty Labs is a brand incubator and digital sales accelerator showcasing leading augmented reality app Perfect365 using community curation through brand “TRY ON’S”; another featured technology will be a point of sales platform “live mirror” showcasing demonstrations on how to drive in-store engagement and sales.

Egg to Apples

A leading digital marketing company that will collaborate with you on strategy, creative assets, launch campaigns, and in depth analysis on key metrics.

Lulu Lab / Lumini

Lululab began as an internal project at Samsung, executed through its new internal acceleration program, C-Lab. Its software seeks to connect all the beauty entities with skin data.

Myra Mirrors

Myra seeks to turn your mirror or office wall into a smart, personalized interface surface through easy voice commands, website or app controls.


Perfect Corp

Perfect Corp brings you mobile beauty with top selfie camera YouCam Perfect, virtual makeup app.



Riviter’s live visual insights platform captures what traditional social listening cannot—surfacing unique, up-to-the-minute insights you can act on in a snap.



The first end-to-end digital product sampling technology.


Talkin Things

Through a simple tap of the smart label with a smartphone your consumers can learn all important information about a product such as, product specification, characteristics or explainers videos and more.