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Presenting a line-up that includes hidden gems from across the globe – each one adding value, solutions, and excitement to the show and to the most important part of the equation – the consumers. This high-end, curated section is centrally located on the show floor and it combines the best of both worlds: pre-arranged face-to-face meetings with key retail buyers as well as a traditional exhibition presentation where all attendees are invited to come and discover these brands.


AMARETA Beauty Wellness

AMARETA provides CLEAN and ORGANIC skin-care products that complement the cyclical hormonal changes and for specific skin needs associated with hormonal swings. Because of high safety and packaging standards, this line is also perfect and safe for new moms and moms-to-be.


Ao Skincare

Raw nature. Refined science.

_EVOLUTIONARY APPROACH: Dr. Gray treats skin as a responsive organ that can adapt with the right help
_THE LO-MO™ TREATMENT: A radical new way to hydrate
_NEW ZEALAND RED ALGAE: 6000x stronger than vitamin C (as an antioxidant)
_PROPRIETARY ‘RAW’ COLD PROCESS: Retains the raw integrity of every active.



We believe every woman deserves the confi dence that comes with beautiful, healthy skin. Thanks to our exclusive peony, turmeric and neem blend, combined with other ancient botanicals and groundbreaking technology, AVYA Skincare is the fi rst melanin-based skincare line delivering medical grade effi cacy with a premium touch for all skin tones.



Azure Medical Technologies-driven to provide effective and safe dermatological treatments for use in Home and MediSpa environments that are clinically proven effi cacious and devices USFDA 510K OTC cleared. Azure will bring to market innovative modern LED, Laser, RF and Thermal Pneumatic methodologies using cutting edge micro-controlled and sophisticated optical solutions.


BioBoutique Beauty Lab

BioBoutique Beauty Lab is the US partner and distributor of Japanese brands, Adsorb Beauty and UBUNA Beauty skin care. Adsorb is based on globally-patented AntiBody Technology that helps reduce aging signs. UBUNA offers customizable skin serums using our AntiBody technology plus added active ingredients to offer specific skin care solutions.


Botanic Farm

Botanic Farm is a Korean skincare line with plant-based ingredients, an affordable price point, and fun packaging. We want great skincare to be accessible to everyone.


By Gina

Hair expert Gina Rivera, created a line of care and tools to take better care of your hair. The haircare range contains a blend of biotin and collagen rejuvenates hair from the inside out. The tools have revolutionary technology of infrared, steam and iconic power that style without the damage.



Cirem's promise is to deliver pure and honest results by using the world’s finest, rare and sumptuous ingredients.
Cirem continues to push the boundaries by marrying new and old technologies, borrowed from both pharmaceutical and cosmetic worlds.
Cirem proves that quality always conquers quantity with each and every packaged bottle.



CMS LAB is a medical cosmetic company in professional market for 17 years long.
We provide high class quality products and lead trends in medical beauty market in South Korea and expand into many other countries.
We are now introducing our new products targeting to retail cosmetic market.



CONTEXT offers clean beauty and skin care products derived from natural ingredients like herbal extracts and rich botanical oils. We focus on developing pure, natural anti-aging solutions that work. Our mission is to become a go-to source for healthy beauty products for men and women.


Dans un Jardin

A world leader in the fragrance industrie, bath & body care and natural baby care, Dans un Jardin proudly launches Snowdrop, a new all natural line of innovative baby care products designed for today’s concerned parents.



DEWYTREE was founded on the collaborative researches and studies with the faculty of dermatology and life sciences departments at the leading University Hospitals in Korea. Based on the advanced manufacturing technology, DEWYTREE has aimed at offering the best nature nutritional cosmetics and continued to put efforts and challenge.



K-Beauty continues to drive innovation in beauty and as such B2LiNK is one of the more influential Korean-beauty distributor expert in the world. The company is bringing a curated lineup of innovative skincare brands from their large portfolio including Abib skincare, 9 Wishes, IWLT and Maycoop.


Eclipse Solar LLC

LUMAVEIL, where beauty meets sun protection for warmth perfect-looking skin. Advanced SPF50 Multi- function Mattifying Primer and Color Adjusting Foundation. Natural full coverage or lightweight tint.


ECRU New York

Born in the salon TM, ECRU New York offers prestige hair and beauty products curated by professional hair dressers and makeup artists. Anchored in a rich heritage of beauty and fashion, every collection is designed to treat and perform.
Clean. Fresh. Modern. Classic.



Groh, created by Marvin Hausman, MD, features hero product Daily Vitality Boost, a mushroom-powered dietary ingestible that works with complementary hair and skin care treatments to re-awaken dormant cells—including stem cells. The system produces the healthiest and strongest hair, scalp, skin, nails, lashes and brows possible.


Hard Night Good Morning / Ultimate Living

Hard Night Good Morning was formulated to produce the most results-driven skin care line available. Founded in 2008 by Dallas native, D’Andra Simmons, the line combines botanicals sourced from around the world with the most advanced and well-researched ingredients to create an amazingly effective and luxurious experience in skin care.


Haute Custom Beauty

Haute Custom Beauty is a new-generation, luxury clean-skincare brand using a combination of dermatologically correct plant and marine extracts in combination with high-performance biotechnological actives. 1.Born from a luxury spa in Barcelona established in 1963 | 2. No Parabens, PEGs, Mineral Oil, Sulfates, Pthalates, Silicones, Petroleum Derivatives | 3. Skin Wellness



Hey Honey is Real Life Skin Care, Infused with Honey and Bee Propolis. Aiming to fill the gap between Natural, clean skin loving ingredients and luxurious skin care. crafted for today's no-time lifestyle. Winner of QVC quest for beauty 2017 Retail: ULTA.com (In stores fall 2018) QVC.com & on Douglas.de


Hyapur Berlin



Ultra Innovative Gel Nail Technology


Made by Yoke

Made by Yoke is an integrated wellness brand grounded in the belief that the mind, body, and environment synthesize to create a holistic vision of well-being. Ayurveda Apothecary is the in-house beauty line batched seasonally and infused with antioxidants, adaptogens, and botanicals to deliver a pure, elevated Ayurveda beauty experience.


Manuka Doctor

  • Certified New Zealand Manuka Honey, known for healing & moisturizing
  • Patented Purified Bee Venom: refined, concentrated and 100% bee-friendly, that nurtures cell regeneration and encourages collagen production
  • Strong R&D focus on new product development


Melanie Mills Hollywood

Melanie Mills Hollywood makeup delivers Sexy Skin in an Instant! Multicultural multifunctional face & body makeup system created by Emmy makeup artist Melanie Mills. The Gleam Body Radiance & Radiant Dust, both trusted & favorite industry secret weapons for perfected glowing skin now available for Every Woman. Be Gleamalicious!


Michael Todd Beauty

Michael Todd Beauty is an award-winning beauty brand recognized for their innovation and beautiful designs and their ability to offer a full assortment of beauty tools & devices which include; sonic cleansing, sonic microdermabrasion, sonic makeup application, sonic dermaplaning, sonic antiaging, Dual Light Acne Therapy and more coming in 2018.


New Zealand Secret

New Zealand Secret is the luxuriously natural and sustainable skincare from New Zealand.
In a world of synthetic quick-fixes, New Zealand Secret delivers a harmonious balance of naturally harvested, zero-waste technology and four precious key ingredients: Wakame Seaweed, Kiwifruit Extract, Ancient Spring Water, and Sauvignon Blanc Extract.


Olio di Alessandro

Quietly operational via word-of-mouth for ~1yr, Olio works with celebrity MDs & earned IBE awards/distinctions. Certifi ed Organic, a fl awless Skindeep rating, & backed by 3rd-party clinical data, Olio was invented over ~10yrs of travel to remote farms/jungles by the Founder, a former Venture Capitalist & Fashion Designer. #StopUsingCreams. #UltimatePlantRetinol. #OlioReplacesMakeup.


Papa Recipe

Papa Recipe is the story of a father (Papa) who developed skincare (recipe) for his daughters' skin ailments. He found that the best skincare wasn't found in a lab, but instead in nature. Papa Recipe continues to embark on the “voyage” to best skincare development.


Pili Ani

What started as an advocacy for sustainable and organic agricultural livelihood became a movement that promotes profound love for self and Mother Nature. Pili Ani delivers more than just skin-deep beauty, by giving a chance to help to local communities in the Philippines by maintaining a sustainable livelihood.


Pour Moi Skincare

Pour Moi Skincare manufactures, distributes and sells innovative beauty solutions. We are the world's first Climate-Smart™ skincare line, scientifically developed, patent-pending and made in France.



PUREMAY is a handmade cosmetic brand based on INIST’s proprietary hypoallergenic, natural ingredient and prescription. Various kinds of natural oils are added and help with the function of the skin. It hydrates and keeps the skin’s pH balanced. We will provide a unique and special experience that you have never before experienced.



Purlisse skincare fuses time-tested Asian beauty secrets, passed down for generations, with modern philosophy to create superior anti-aging and skin nourishing formulas that are safe even for sensitive skin.



Our story began with the love a father had for his daughter. Our founder's mission was to empower women through inspirational affirmations, give back to organizations that encourage a woman's self-worth, and create high performing products that inspire self confidence.



Medical-grade natural and non-toxic skincare line for all people with sensitive skin who can't tolerate any other active ingredients. Anchored by a proprietary enzyme that is generated during the salmon hatching process. Enzyme is natural, sustainable and cruelty-free and efficacy is supported by published clinical studies. Currently sold thru MDs.


Ricardo Rojas Hair Care

International hairstylist Ricardo Rojas has created iconic hairstyles for Photoshoots and Red Carpets on celebrities including Donatella Versace, Mariah Carey, Kate Upton, Jessica Chastain, Naomi Campbell, etc., presents his Argentinian Yerba Mate infused collection of Shampoos/Conditioners, Nourishing Mask, Texturizing Sprays and Serum that bring Hollywood Glamour to you at home.



London based luxury beauty brand Rodial was founded by former Beauty Editor Maria Hatzistefanis in 1999. Renowned for their bold, high performance skincare and sculpting makeup, the brand has an extensive celebrity following and global reach with presence in 35 countries worldwide.



A brand originated in Chicago, this collection was created for all makeup lovers searching for high end quality makeup at affordable prices. Sistar Cosmetics is an essential brand that anyone from the beauty enthusiasts to professionals can appreciate.


SLMD Skincare

SLMD was founded by dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper). We take a doctor’s approach to your skin problems, bridging the gap between your dermatologist and accessible skincare. Our products tackle the problem, formulated with the most effective, cruelty-free ingredients, so you can approach skincare with clinical confidence.



Supermood is a highly effective, natural alternative for women who prefer established premium brands, but value natural ingredients. Our concept is to combine natural skincare, overnight recovery and rejuvenation with edible beauty products into a holistic beauty experience.


Urban Skin Rx

Urban Skin Rx is a clinical skin care line for diverse skin tones. Specializing in hyperpigmentation, dark marks, sun damage, melasma, and acne scarring. Founder and medical esthetician Rachel Roff's passion is to bring more inclusiveness to the beauty and skin care industry by creating products for all skin!