3 Finalists

Cosmoprof North America is proud to support the rising talent coming from FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising through a special collaboration with the school to reinforce innovation and continuous education in the ever-evolving world of beauty. Beginning mid-April through mid-June 2018, FIDM undergraduate students worked on developing unique concepts under the banner “Connected Beauty Concept of 2050”.

This is your chance to review the top 3 finalists and vote for the one idea you think is coolest and most likely to be a reality in 2050. The winning concept will be determined through public voting open from June 16th through July 6th, 2018.

Finalists’ concepts will be featured exclusively at the show while the winning team will be in attendance to present their concept in a complimentary session during COSMOPROF NORTH AMERICA on Monday July 30th from 11:30am to 12:00pm.

Please text 702-558-8460 to vote for your favorite concept from Saturday June 16th through July 6th, 2018 noon PST.

To cast your vote, text your favorite team: Chroma, NU-YU or Kuali to 702-558-8460.

Megan Satterfield & Shuihan Ding

Chroma is the ultimate beauty device that instantly perfects, protects, and corrects the skin’s outermost layer utilizing a nanotech infused second-skin. Our handheld device allows users to customize their skin tone, providing a diverse selection of natural or vivid pigments and patterns to choose from, ultimately encouraging color fluidity. Our second skin layer masks all the skin’s imperfections, while simultaneously protecting and treating it with skincare and pollution/SPF properties. We give the customer freedom to enhance the skin while having it act as a canvas to create and express.

Carla Colunga & Laura Metzger

Kuali means “to be good” in Nahuatl. We created a futuristic product that still feels human, a product that will be good for your skin and makes you feel good. The invisible Kuali patch is a thought control device applied to the bottom of your chin that projects any makeup look onto your face without the need for any cosmetics. With a simple thought, Kuali can change your look as many times as you want.

Alysha Freeze & Quiana Johnson

NU-YU is technology that protects you on earth and in space. On earth you’re protected from UV rays and pollution. In space it protects against cosmic rays and debris also allowing you to breathe. Beauty add-ons can be purchased such as 3D printed make-up and skin health monitoring. NU-YU is activated by neural lace mesh technology that dissolves into the bloodstream to form a brain computer interface. Mesh is dissolved by consuming an edible water sphere or dissolvable sticker. When activated by thinking, it projects an invisible force field for protection.