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Presenting a line-up that includes hidden gems from across the globe – each one adding value, solutions, and excitement to the show and to the most important part of the equation – the consumers. This high-end, curated section is centrally located on the show floor and it combines the best of both worlds: pre-arranged face-to-face meetings with key retail buyers as well as a traditional exhibition presentation where all attendees are invited to come and discover these brands.


AMARETA Beauty Wellness

AMARETA provides CLEAN and ORGANIC skin-care products that complement the cyclical hormonal changes and for specific skin needs associated with hormonal swings. Because of high safety and packaging standards, this line is also perfect and safe for new moms and moms-to-be.


Ao Skincare

Ao Skincare is non-toxic skincare created by dermatologist Dr Mark Gray that uses raw, cold processed ingredients from New Zealand.
We treat skin as a responsive structure – products formulated to optimise skin's intrinsic performance. Then, our cold processed formulas preserve the raw power of every active.



K-Beauty continues to drive innovation in beauty and as such B2LiNK is one of the more influential Korean-beauty distributor expert in the world. The company is bringing a curated lineup of innovative skincare brands from their large portfolio including Abib skincare, 9 Wishes, IWLT and Maycoop.


BioBoutique Beauty Lab

BioBoutique Beauty Lab is the US partner and distributor of Japanese brands, Adsorb Beauty and UBUNA Beauty skin care. Adsorb is based on globally-patented AntiBody Technology that helps reduce aging signs. UBUNA offers customizable skin serums using our AntiBody technology plus added active ingredients to offer specific skin care solutions.



Cirem's promise is to deliver pure and honest results by using the world’s finest, rare and sumptuous ingredients.
Cirem continues to push the boundaries by marrying new and old technologies, borrowed from both pharmaceutical and cosmetic worlds.
Cirem proves that quality always conquers quantity with each and every packaged bottle.



CONTEXT offers clean beauty and skin care products derived from natural ingredients like herbal extracts and rich botanical oils. We focus on developing pure, natural anti-aging solutions that work. Our mission is to become a go-to source for healthy beauty products for men and women.


Discover Korean Beauty/UMMA

B2LiNK is the most influential Korean-beauty expert in the world. We strategically distribute to channels through our data platform and curate brand that truly fits in the marketplace. We are also brand incubators and invest to build brand awareness. Discover the top-trending K-beauty with B2LiNK.


Hard Night Good Morning / Ultimate Living

Hard Night Good Morning was formulated to produce the most results-driven skin care line available. Founded in 2008 by Dallas native, D’Andra Simmons, the line combines botanicals sourced from around the world with the most advanced and well-researched ingredients to create an amazingly effective and luxurious experience in skin care.


Melanie Mills Hollywood

The only 1,2,3 face & body makeup system for women of all ages and skin tones.
The revolutionary multicultural hydrating makeup evens skin textures, hides minor flaws and is transfer resistant. The result = INSTANT SEXY SKIN & INSTANT CONFIDENCE. Get your Gleam on!


Michael Todd Beauty

Michael Todd Beauty is an award-winning beauty brand recognized for their innovation and beautiful designs and their ability to offer a full assortment of beauty tools & devices which include; sonic cleansing, sonic microdermabrasion, sonic makeup application, sonic dermaplaning, sonic antiaging, Dual Light Acne Therapy and more coming in 2018.


Pour Moi Skincare

The climate is talking to you all the time, especially to your skin. The resolution? Climate Smart skincare. Pour Moi is the beauty industry’s first skincare that boosts hydration and anti-aging properties to harmonize with today’s rapidly changing, skin-challenging environments. Manufactured in France, we are 100% transparent, cruelty-free, and non-toxic.



Our story began with the love a father had for his daughter. Our founder's mission was to empower women through inspirational affirmations, give back to organizations that encourage a woman's self-worth, and create high performing products that inspire self confidence.



Originated in Chicago, a collection created for makeup lover looking for quality makeup.
Sistar Beauty is changing the makeup industry one face at a time, we are consistent with provided high quality professional products.
Sistar is an essential brand that anyone from beauty enthusiast to makeup professionals can appreciate.



Supermood is a highly effective, 
natural alternative for women
 who prefer established premium brands,
 but value natural ingredients. Our concept is to combine natural skincare, overnight recovery and rejuvenation with edible beauty products into a holistic beauty experience.