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Spotlights is an exclusive initiative within the Discover Beauty program. This department store-like presentation serves as a showcase for companies that are big on creativity yet smaller in size but who are a prime fit for high-end retail stores, boutiques, salons and spas. This area serves as a great presentation of innovative labels that have a smaller range of products but deliver ingenuity and artisan craftsmanship. The intimate Spotlights section has a clean, minimal department store-like setting within an open lounge in the Discover Beauty section.


AB Skincare

AB Skincare’s focus is on the simplicity of ingredients in daily skin care products. The AB acne system and beauty line was created for individuals with sensitive skin, allergies and those who want better results in treating acne using fewer and less irritating steps.


Airelle Skincare

Airelle delivers the ultimate photoprotective anti aging skin care on the market. After years formulating the most powerful natural antioxidant compound, BERRIMATRIX®; a medically recognized and scientically published compound proven to help repair aging skin, as well as help prevent skin aging. The ultimate antioxidant powerhouse: BERRIMATRIX®.



Bioderma is a french skincare pharmacy brand, best known for creating the first micellar water which sells every 2 seconds in the world!
Bioderma is made of skincare lines covering all skins problematics and types.



FRANZ is the WORLD FIRST facial mask system which can successfully deliver various biomaterials such as Hyaluronic Acids, Ceramide and Collagen into skin without any equipment. FRANZ with TISSUE XTM technology will bring back young and fresh skin for all women and men.


Full Brow Cosmetics

Meet Full Brow. A spunky, indie, Australian cosmetics company that is everything eyebrows. Focused only on brows, we have curated a fab line of products with something for every kind of brow lover. So, whether HD brows are your thing or you’re a natural nelly we have you covered!


HUE For Every Man

HUE For Every Man begins a new revolution for a 21st century approach to men’s hair and skin care. HUE was developed in recognition of the rapidly evolving cultural diversity in our world. Our all natural products work for ALL hair and skin types.


Nigella Therapy®

Nigella Therapy® is a luxurious black seed oil skincare line inspired by Ancient Egyptian heritage and backed by 30 years of research that led to US patent 7,722,906. Nigella Therapy® leverages its proprietary oil, Nigenol®, powerful antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and nutrients to nourish the skin and reverse signs of aging.


Pestle & Mortar

Pestle & Mortar is an Irish skincare company founded by mum of five Sonia Deasy. Deasy's mission was to create a skincare brand which fused principles of natural healing with science to create a line of no-fuss skincare which provides 'simple solutions for beautiful skin'



We invented a first-of-its-kind spray that prevents shoe blisters, launching in late 2016 as a novel beauty product category & selling ~$3 million in product our first year. We're focused on expanding our foot beauty brand in both mass & prestige retail as well as taking on the international market.



RAINCRY is a luxury hair care brand sold in Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordtrsom, Cos Bar and a number of other luxury retailers across the US and UK. RAINCRY has quickly become an editorial and celebrity favorite, being featured in a number top tier social and media channels.


Rocky Mountain Barber Company

Rocky Mountain Barber Company was born out of the belief that the men's grooming industry was in desperate need of change. With a focus on high quality products, using as many natural ingredients as possible, we provide men everywhere with the shaving, skin, hair and beard-care essentials they're looking for.



Sphynx was created to sidestep your regular beauty routine and design smart efficient products that give girls more freedom to do the things they love. The Sphynx Portable Razor won the 2017 Beauty Award for Product Innovation of the Year by Cosmoprof North America!



As a trend authority and creator of the first reusable manicure, Static Nails develops never-before-seen products packed with beneficial ingredients and explosive pigments proven to produce powerful results. We believe getting a perfect manicure should be quick, easy and leave our nails in better condition than before.


Sweat Cosmetics Inc

Sweat Cosmetics was designed by a group of professional athletes who wanted to create a product for women with an active lifestyle. Through R&D, Sweat created products that could be applied seamlessly while walking out of the gym without a mirror, or stay on through lunchtime yoga.


VENeffect Anti-Aging Skin Care

Developed by women, for women, VENeffect is the only brand of skin care dedicated to addressing hormonal challenges to skin. Powered by an exclusive complex of plant-based phytoestrogens, VENeffect safely and effectively reverses the signs of hormonal aging to restore the youthful glow of healthy, vibrant skin.